Network News

Monday 27th February 2023

February saw the issue of a gender social bond to support vulnerable women in Ecuador, and two big launches: a highly anticipated women’s banking program, and an excellent online platform for the women-centered brand supporting women’s financial wellness.

Banco Solidario launched a new US$30 million gender bond in Ecuador. Supported by IDB Invest, the funds will be used to expand financing to women, the elderly, migrants, and micro-entrepreneurs. This work is closely related to Solidario’s new partnership with UN Women, in which the two institutions committed to work together to promote access to micro-credit for Ecuadorian women in vulnerable situations.

Grupo Financiero G&T Continental, Guatemala, in partnership with Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), re-launched their new women banking program, GTCMujer. The program will include financial products, mentoring, and training for the women’s market. 



Banregio in Mexico has launched Clara, a sub-branded platform with tools and resources to support women’s financial wellness. Clara’s sleek website provides informative articles, self-guided courses on topics like investment strategy and retirement, a newsletter, and monthly Zoom meetings to build the community.