Banco G&T Continental is a market leader in Guatemala. 

About Banco G&T Continental

Established in 1962 as a pioneer in housing financing and savings, Banco G&T Continental emerges as the financial arm of the Granai & Townson General Insurance Company. In 2001, they stablished a strategic alliance with Banco Continental to become Grupo Financiero G&T Continental. In 2006 it became the first Guatemalan bank to grow towards Central America. Currently it serves more than 1.5 MM customers, exclusively in Guatemala.

Due to its solidity and trajectory of more than 75 years in the market, Grupo Financiero G&T Continental reaffirms its avant-garde position and leadership as the 3rd in the country. The bank is recognized as one of the banks closing the gap with the development of innovative products and services, as well as deepening and responding to the needs of its clients. The bank is committed to accompany its clients at all stages of their lives.

About The Program

Banco G&T Continental is recognized by the excellence of its products and services, which simplify the daily management of its clients’ finances. The solvency of a large banking organization coupled with a world-class technology platform supports every stage of their lives.

The bank’s main focus is on small-medium sized businesses and they are a key part of the actual strategy. This will help the bank balance and address the matter of large businesses. Migrating to SMEs and individual businesses support its portfolio diversification.

Grupo Financiero G&T Continental, is engaged on doing business with a vision of long-term sustainability and in a responsible manner. The group gives special attention to its Corporate Social Responsibility program, and it is well recognized by its clients for doing so. The pillars the CSR program include: health, childhood, culture, art and community.

Grupo Financiero G&T Continental, envisions the Women program as being a cross-company one, in which all of the business lines gets involved. The group sees this to be an internal driver of innovation and eventually become a reference in the region. Offering products to Women Led SME’s and products for Women in the retail segment, addressing their needs with loans, credit cards, savings accounts and insurance. The program, will include a non-financial component, with tools that can help women scale up their business, improve their finances, their lives, and their wellbeing.





42 percent of the bank’s
customer base is women.

57 percent of G&T’s
staff is made up of women.

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