Although an increasing number of Alliance members are disaggregating data by sex and reporting to the Alliance’s Female Economy Analytics survey, completion rates are only around 50% and many institutions continue to struggle with quality issues.

The Gender Data Task Force is a new peer learning group organized quarterly to tackle the main pain points related to the collection and use of portfolio data.


The group is ideal for business intelligence/MIS practitioners tasked with gender data responsibilities, as well as women’s market managers interested in the topic.


The Task Force will meet quarterly starting May 2023 in 1-hour webinars featuring gender data experts while also featuring discussions among task force attendees. 


The group focuses specifically on the challenges that institutions are facing in gender data,  complementing our Gender Data Learning Series, which will run on September-October 2023 and focuses on skill building. Some of the topics we will tackle include:

  • The challenges in identifying women SMEs in the retail portfolio
  • Increasing gender data usage through gender dashboards
  • Analyzing data through the customer journey
  • Automating data collection
  • Building gender data awareness