Letter from Inez: February 2023

Monday 27th February 2023

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Spotlight on: Community

This month we’re celebrating our community by recognizing our incredible tribe of mentors who have supported other members in developing their women’s market and gender diversity and inclusion programs over the past 10 years. We started the Mentoring Program in response to member demand for real-time, practical and confidential support as they develop their programs. What makes it unique is this focus on program and strategy development instead of career development.

The Mentoring Program would not be possible without the dedicated commitment of our growing group of mentors, many of whom are past mentees.

A couple of years after starting the Mentoring Program, we added the All-Stars Academy, a training built on our “Winning the Women’s Market” and “Becoming the Employer of Choice for Women,” how-to guides, both written with members. It operates under the same principle as the Mentoring Program: Our teachers are our members. And just like the Mentoring Program, we integrate new teachers as their programs mature and their expertise deepens. In this way, we’ve cultivated an extraordinary bank of practitioners truly committed to supporting other institutions tapping into the female economy.

Our 2023 All-Stars Academy kicks off on April 27 and runs for 6 weeks. We encourage all members to enroll; keep an eye out for the application coming to you soon.

What’s similarly gratifying about our community is the incredible innovation they’re demonstrating. Last week we had the first session of our working group, Climate Action: Greening the CVP For Women. The group focuses on how our members and others are enabling women consumers and business owners to cope with climate change and become agents for change themselves. A big shout out to NatWest for pitching the first use case in our eight-session series and for providing a true benchmark for climate work that we can all learn so much from. Although we open the sessions to members only, we’ll produce a report on the main findings, as is our practice, to advance the field.

We encourage you all to check out this year’s roster of topics in our Fintech Fridays series, which is open to the public. We’re kicking it off with the cracking topic of gender-intelligent sales funnel design with speakers from four female-founded fintechs.

Also this month, we extend a warm welcome to Zumma, a fintech supporting women investors. Please tune in to our video interview with founder Marinella Pinate who shares her vision for solving financial access for women.

We’d also like to give a shout-out to Banco G&T, Banco Solidario, and Banregio, which all have exciting developments shared in this month’s network member round-up.

We thank all our members for their extraordinary generosity in the many ways they participate in the Alliance.

In community,

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