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Financial Alliance for Women Membership

The Financial Alliance for Women is the premier membership association of financial services institutions serving the world’s largest addressable market — the female economy. Membership in the Alliance provides institutions with a global clearinghouse for best practices and a unique platform for peer learning, giving them the resources they need to effectively serve their women customers.

The Give and the Get

How Members Contribute

  • – Participation in annual Summit as subject matter experts
  • – Contribution of experience to Alliance publications, data analytics, other research
  • – Participation in Financial Alliance for Women Mentoring Program
  • – Hosting of Study Tours and other Peer Learning activities
  • – Speaking about our work at national and international forums
  • – Membership fees
  • – Board membership, subject to availability

How Members Benefit

  • – Ability to connect with similar institutions and share experiences
  • – Benchmarking against other members’ best practices
  • – Participation in Financial Alliance for Women Mentoring Program
  • – Participation in high-profile international initiatives, such as  partnership with Data2X
  • – Reputational benefit and brand recognition for thought leadership around women’s economic empowerment
  • – International positioning through Alliance communications

How to Join

Organizations wishing to join the Financial Alliance for Women are required to submit an application form signed by a senior executive. Applications are reviewed by the Membership Development Committee of the Board of Directors. Applicant organizations must commit to conducting a feasibility study into the Women’s Market within 12 months of joining the Alliance and to reporting sex-disaggregated data to the Financial Alliance for Women within 14 months of joining. They must also commit to sharing information by participating in the Alliance’s peer learning activities. Request your application by reaching out to us at

The Financial Alliance for Women also collaborates with bilateral and multilateral organizations that provide incentives to institutions to target the Women’s Market space coupled with technical assistance to deliver targeted support. Our peer learning services, research and practical tools provide a unique complement to both these areas by delivering practitioner-based solutions that are commercially viable. To invite a member of your organization’s network to get involved with us, please contact us at

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