Solidario’s mission is to contribute to the development and quality of life of micro-entrepreneurs and salaried workers, through financial products and services specifically adapted to their needs.

About Solidario

Solidario was the first bank in Latin America specialized in microcredit with 100% private capital, and the first in Ecuador to focus exclusively in this type of financial operation. In 2013 it merged with Unibanco that served large segments of the working population with no prior access to the financial system, offering them products and services designed to help them organise and solve their daily needs.

The resulting Solidario currently has 51 branches in 28 cities and 14 provinces throughout Ecuador. The bank offers productive and consumption microcredit, each with their own methodology, as well as a credit card specifically designed for clients’ needs. The bank’s financial inclusion rate is 25%. Solidario is concentrated on those who need services most: 43% of clients cannot cover the monthly basic goods basket (USD 707). The average credit is USD 3113, among the lowest in the market.

The Program

Solidario has begun working on a women-centered approach and strategy with its clients and employees. It includes understanding the needs, priorities and perspectives of its women clients and adapting its verbal, written and digital communication and the way it markets and delivers its products and services to them, and especially the relationship it builds thereafter.

The institution is also developing new women-centered financial education modules.

Internally, it has developed diversity and inclusion content and materials for its group of trainers as well as for all the employees, with special content for the sales force. Even though its policies had a gender focus, Solidario is currently institutionalizing this focus through reformed policies and internal norms as well as developing initiatives to promote women’s leadership and growth. 



55% of Solidario’s 
microcredit clients are women

55% of Solidario’s 
savings clients are women

60% of Solidario’s 
micro insurance users are women

Non performing loans for women 
clients are lower 3.7% vs. 4%

61% of Solidario’s employees are women

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