Letter from Inez: January 2014

Monday 13th January 2014

GBA Newsletter

GBA Members have always supported each other to build their Women’s Market Programs. We are proud to announce the launch of a ground-breaking new initiative for 2014, the GBA Mentoring Program, which will further support Women’s Market Program development among our growing network of banks.

Supported by a grant from the Metlife Foundation, the GBA Mentoring Program will match mentors from member banks who have implemented successful Women’s Market programs with mentees responsible for developing new Women’s Market programs in their institutions. In its first year, a total of twenty banks will participate, with pairs working together over an initial eight-month period.

This level of participation reflects a strong-felt need for technical support among member banks that are implementing early stage programs as well as a strong commitment from mentor banks to support fellow Alliance members. Designed by our members for our members, the Program capitalizes on the deep talent in our network, while acknowledging the staff time limitations that constrain fellow members from delivering in-field support to others in the Alliance.

The GBA is delighted to partner with the international consulting firm Creative Metier, who specialize in designing and delivering coaching and mentoring to financial institutions, to execute the Program.

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the MetLife Foundation for its generous sponsorship for this initiative. The Program also draws on the magnanimous support of our mentor institutions including Westpac, RBS, BLC, Garanti, dfcu, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, Bank al Etihad, and Chase Bank Kenya and the commitment of our 13 mentees institutions to successful implementation of Women’s Market Programs.

We believe the GBA Mentoring Program will have a profound impact on mentor and mentee banks. It is truly a landmark for the global cooperation of banks around their investment in women.

Inez Murray, Chief Executive Officer

Global Banking Alliance for Women