GBA to Host Working Group on Product Innovation for Women’s Market

Wednesday 6th June 2018

GBA Product Innovation Women's Market Working Group 2018As part of its ongoing commitment to helping members serve their women customers in the most effective way possible, the GBA is launching a Working Group on Product Innovation for the Women’s Market in July.

With the pace of transformation of the financial sector increasing, it is more important than ever for Financial Services Providers (FSPs) to be on the cutting edge – not just to keep up with disruptors, but to leverage technology and innovation to truly support their customers with the range of services they need to thrive. As market leaders, GBA FSPs are constantly evolving in their markets, and there are strong opportunities to share practices and ideas across the network.

Like the GBA’s previous highly engaging Working Groups on data, insurance, and gender diversity and inclusion, the Product Innovation for the Women’s Market Working Group will focus on compiling innovative products and practices from across the network and sharing ideas, experiences and best practices across markets. Members will connect virtually on a monthly basis to share their market insights and innovations that deliver value to women customers and bottom-line results for the bank.

The Working Group’s discussion topics will include:

  • Segmenting the Women’s Market
  • Needs and preferences by segment
  • Product and service innovation across the value chain
  • Improving product design processes
  • Promoting practices and structures that allow for innovation within the organization

The working group will run from July 2018 through January 2019. Interested members can reach out to Hilary Nichols at and stay tuned for more information.