DFCU Bank Hosts Launch of GBA African Chapter

Saturday 13th March 2010


On March 17, representatives from GBA banks, prospective member banks and women entrepreneurs throughout the region attended a meeting in Kampala , Uganda to discuss access to finance.

The event was hosted by DFCU Head of Wholesale Banking, Ms. Theopista Sekitto, who will be the Regional Chapter Coordinator.

In acknowledgement of DFCU’s effort in developing innovative products and services for women entrepreneurs, GBA awarded DFCU the Most Innovative Bank of the Year Award at our annual summit held in Singapore (October, 2009)

Speaking about the success of the Women in Business Program, Ms. Sekitto said.

“Yes, we have had significant impacts on women entrepreneurs, but this is just a drop in the ocean, when measured against the need. This is going to be a time to reflect on those successes, but more importantly, pick those key lessons that can be used to empower women,” she said.