Becoming Lebanon’s Go-to Bank for Women

BLC Bank Study Tour: February 24-25, 2020*

As an Alliance best practice member, BLC Bank knows supporting women – both as customers and as employees – is good for business. Within 2 years of the launch of its We Initiative program, the female economy represented more than 18 percent of the bank’s profits. And they had become known across the country as champions of women. Since then BLC Bank has been internationally recognized for We Initiative, with speaking roles at major global conferences, case studies on their success and a variety of industry awards.

BLC Bank’s success with the female economy is built on strong customer value propositions that center women’s financial experiences as well as an internal diversity and inclusion program that prioritizes parity. At the Study Tour, you will meet key team members responsible for launching and implementing We Initiative, who will share the specific steps they took to become the bank and employer of reference for women in Lebanon, obstacles, successes and lessons learned.

You can take a look at the high-level agenda for the Study Tour here, and register now by filling out our online form


*Please note this is a change from the original dates of November 18-19, 2019.