Payments for the Women’s Market: Join the Task Force

The Financial Alliance for Women together with Mastercard is launching a new Task Force to design and implement value-add payment solutions for the Women’s Market. The first session will be held on October 3rd. This is a unique opportunity to work with Mastercard Labs and apply their design thinking approach to improve existing solutions or create innovative payment solutions tailored to the needs of specific women’s segments.

By the end of the five-session Task Force, you will have:

  • – A firm understanding of the business case for tailored payments solutions; 
  • – Explored innovative payment solutions concepts based on established design-thinking methods; 
  • – Developed an approach to creating a new payment solution for your choice of women’s segment, including a measurement framework. 

Why Payments?

Women make up 80 percent of household buying decisions and run over 98 million businesses globally. Whether a working mother of four in London or a small business owner in rural Kenya, women’s lives are powered by financial transactions. Yet most existing payment solutions fail to target and address the unique needs of a specific segments of women – instead providing off-the-shelf features and benefits, and gender-neutral marketing, communications and sales approaches.

Case in Point: Banco BHD León

Banco BHD León of the Dominican Republic, a globally recognized Women’s Market leader, developed a holistic value proposition after seeing the strong ROI and popularity of its credit card tailored to the needs of women. Launched in 2012 with Mastercard, the Mujer Mujer card offered competitive interest rates as well as a number of features the bank determined women value, including health insurance for cancer detection, access to emergency home repair services and vehicle breakdown coverage, and exclusive offerings like discounts at popular retail stores and access to special events. The card was a huge success: In the first year after launching, BHD León saw a 40 percent acceptance rate from women the card was offered to vs. 12-16 percent in other products. The bank also saw 3x more spent on the card versus other cards, a 2x increase in average ticket and a 1.6x increase in transactions.

Sign up Now

This Task Force will consist of five webinar sessions, spanning October 2019 to February 2020. As this is a Task Force by nature, moderate preparatory work before sessions and participation during sessions will be expected in order to maximize your learning. Sessions will focus on:

  • – Establishing the Opportunity and Business Case
  • – Introduction to Design Thinking
  • – Customer Journey Mapping
  • – Ideation, Prototyping and Testing
  • – Launch, Scale and Measure Results

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Mastercard and bring innovative payment solutions to your Women’s Market. Contact Hilary Nichols at to sign up or for more details.