New Working Group: Non-Financial Services In The New Normal

Tuesday 31st August 2021

Don’t miss the NFS working group, starting Oct. 20

Doing business in the financial sector is getting more complex every day as a result of growing competition, shifting economic realities, and changes in laws and regulations — and business targets that get more ambitious every year. On top of this dynamic, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with customers.

Because of all this, banks are in a continuous search to explore new, sustainable ways to add value that will enhance customer satisfaction, increase brand awareness, and generate revenue. Non-financial services (NFS) can help tremendously by setting institutions apart from competition, expanding the customer base and generating strong brand loyalty.

That’s why the Financial Alliance for Women is launching a new working group focused on NFS in the new normal.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, as we heard during the “Business in the Times of Crisis” webinar series, many Alliance members doubled down on NFS to support their WSME customers.

The opportunity now is to make NFS a cornerstone of the women-centered strategy bigger than ever. Non-financial services have historically been challenging to scale, but with the acceleration to digital, there is a golden opportunity for FSPs to do so.

This Working Group will share proven strategies for building cost-effective non-financial services.  We’ll also explore delivery via new technologies (machine learning, APIs with Open Banking solutions), new types of partners (fintechs, edtechs) as well as new platforms (e-commerce, e-learning) that are making NFS more scalable and more customer-centric.

For a total of six monthly sessions, group members will share and learn what it takes to build value for women.

To register your interest early, please email Tessa.