Network News: January 2020

Every month, the Financial Alliance for Women publishes a roundup of the latest updates from network partners and members. Take a look at what’s new below:

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (BNCR) Helps Save Women’s Lives

BNCR, through its BN Mujer program and in collaboration with La Católica Hospital, launched the project “Juntos Salvamos Vidas” (together we save lives). Sixty low-income women with limited access to medical care received a free complete medical check-up. Cinthya Morera, Director of BN Mujer, said, “for us it is very important to make that call to the population so that they pay attention to prevention issues.”

The bank is committed to promoting the development of Costa Rica and, through BN Mujer, supports women to develop and grow their businesses with financial and non-financial services, and improve their quality of life and that of their families and communities.

BRED Bank Cambodia Launches BREDfast Talks

BRED Bank Cambodia launched BREDfast Talks, a program that provides businesswomen a chance to network and develop new skills. The professional-led talks target topics women in business specifically need support on.

The first two events took place in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in October and November 2019, respectively, with the theme “Understanding and overcoming your fear of public speaking.” Participants learned from a psychologist about the mechanisms behind fear and how to deconstruct them to better manage it. The talks included a series of activities that the businesswomen can use to help manage fear in everyday life and during public speaking.

The events – which constitute one of the main pillars of BRED’s women empowerment program, the Shine Initiative – were attended by over 50 Cambodian businesswomen.

“By better supporting businesswomen in their endeavors, BRED Bank Cambodia hopes to become the bank of choice for women-led SMEs,” said  Guillaume Perdon, BRED Bank Cambodia CEO.

The City Bank Expands External and Internal City Alo Offerings

In association with local organization Audra, City Alo recently hosted a panel discussion on digital wellness in Bangladesh. The workshop targeted women and covered different aspects of cyber hazards and digital well-being, such as cyber security, bullying and protection against cyber crime. 

In observance of World Children’s Day on November 20, the bank also organized a seminar in association with local partner Maya on the “Golden Principles of Parenting.” The event was focused on raising awareness of children’s rights and discussed good parenting skills. Parents, teachers, nutritionists and students took part.

Finally, the City Bank expanded its internal diversity and inclusion efforts to include day care facilities. The service is for permanent employees’ children aged between 3 months and 8 years, with the bank bearing 65 percent of the cost and the employee the remaining 35 percent. The service is outsourced to two day cares in prominent locations of the city.