Network News

Tuesday 30th March 2021

This month, Alliance members celebrated International Women’s Day by helping women bank safely, build financial independence and invest in the female economy. They launched a first-of-its-kind payments product for women, created a new learning portal for female customers and employees, and increased protections for those vulnerable to domestic violence.

Westpac increased measures to help vulnerable customers stay safe and launched a new podcast to help women navigate their financial lives. 

Westpac announced new safeguards against abusive messages online in response to digital payment channels increasingly being used to send threats (a sobering reminder of how abusers and harassers make use of new platforms). The bank has blocked inappropriate language from outgoing payments and given customers the ability to report abusive messages within its online and mobile banking portals. This is part of Westpac’s ongoing efforts to support customers who are vulnerable to abuse — the majority of whom are women — which they spoke about during the Ask the Expert panel on domestic violence last spring. 

Westpac also teams up with leading Australian podcaster Mamamia to launch a new podcast ‘What the Finance,’ aimed at supporting women looking to make more informed decisions about their finances in areas ranging from Savings and Debt to Housing, Investing and Relationships, ‘What The Finance’ is an eight-episode podcast co-hosted by ex-accountant and financial educator Melissa Browne, and actress, author and advocate Pallavi Sharda. Those interested can listen at here, or on your favorite podcast app. 

Mastercard launched Seneca Women, the first-ever credit card that rewards cardholders when they shop from women-owned businesses. 

The Card by Seneca Women, launched this month, rewards shoppers with 3 percent cash back when they buy from businesses in the Seneca Women Marketplace, which will launch with over 1 million women-owned businesses. And to amplify the impact on the female economy, cardholders will be able to use their rewards to support women-focused nonprofits that are part of the Women’s Economic Future Fund. 

“At Mastercard, we are endlessly inspired by the ideas and leadership of women entrepreneurs. We also understand how hard the last year has been on women business owners and particularly women of color. The Card by Seneca Women represents a collective step forward — it’s a landmark moment that will have a real impact, and we are proud to help shape the new era of women’s economic empowerment,” said Ann Cairns, Vice-Chair of Mastercard and Board Chair of the Financial Alliance for Women. 

Santander Argentina launched a new platform for women to gain information, skills, and inspiration. 

Santander Argentina has launched a new educational microsite for women called “Santander Campus.” There, women can find videos and articles on professional development, personal finance, digitization, marketing, and more. The site is aimed at both business and retail customers, covering topics ranging from “motherhood and career development: from guilt to balance,” to “how to digitize your gastronomic business.” The articles are available in both Spanish and English.