Nadia Al Saeed honored as one of Most Powerful Arab Women by Forbes Middle East

Thursday 16th October 2014

Forbes Middle East has released its second annual list of The 200 Most Powerful Arab Women, ranking Chief Executive of GBA member Bank Al Etihad in Jordan Nadia Al Saeed at No. 43. Nadia was previously recognized by Jordan Business magazine as one of the country’s
10 most powerful women.

This is the first year Forbes Middle East has included C-level executives on the list. A number of factors were considered when finalizing the rankings, including the success of the company the individual is associated with based on its financial statements, number of years in operation and countries in which it has operations, as well as the individual’s degree of power based on her position, years of professional experience, and media interaction and online presence. Nadia was one of 56 women featured in this, the Executive Management Category, which makes up 28% of the full list. She is one of only 25 women who made the list from the banking and financial sector.

“Not just regionally, but worldwide, there is still much to be done to engineer a level playing field between the sexes,” said Khuloud Al Omian, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Middle East. “But by showcasing the achievements and unlimited potential of Arab women, we are one step closer to balancing the equation.”

All 200 of the honorees were recognized during a celebration in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Oct. 1, which featured top business leaders and senior government representatives from across the Arab world.

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