Member Beta Test: Global Business Case Tool for Financial Services Providers

Monday 10th September 2018

Buisness Case Tool SquareThe GBA is excited to announce the beta test of our groundbreaking Global Business Case Tool for Financial Services Providers. The Excel-based tool aggregates the latest national-level results from the most respected datasets in the world to provide a full look at the female economy in each country – and uncover access and usage gaps that could represent business opportunities in financial services. This wealth of data is presented in conjunction with a model that can help FSPs estimate their own potential with the Women’s Market, laying the groundwork for a robust business case for making the female economy a strategic priority.

Growth in the segments traditionally targeted by the financial services industry has been slowing. As they look to mitigate this trend, FSPs around the world are increasingly seeking out new and underserved segments – like the Women’s Market – that have the potential to be the next growth market. Sizing these segments is a critical first step in understanding their potential and in building a successful initiative to target them.

GBA member data consistently shows that the business case 
for targeting the Women’s Market is strong. Creating dedicated strategies
 for women leads to better business results, including growth 
in customers, solid returns and increased brand awareness. Recent research has focused on sizing the Women’s Market opportunity globally, and measuring overall revenue potential. However, data that can help FSPs determine their national or local market opportunity is limited. A number of databases featuring country-level gender data do exist, but most FSPs have limited awareness of them. By aggregating these data points in one place, synthesizing them into country-level snapshots, and providing initial market size and business potential projections, this tool is intended to fill that gap, giving FSPs the resource they need to begin to understand the potential opportunity in their own markets.

The beta version of the tool is available to GBA members; the public-facing tool will be officially launched in Q4 of 2018, following the current comment period. Members can download the beta version of the tool here. To access it, they will need to log in to the GBA’s members-only platform, the Vault. As a reminder, your username is your email address. If you cannot remember your password, you may reset it using the “Lost password” link in the login area. If you are having trouble logging in, please email