GBA Newsletter: June 2008

Friday 13th June 2008

GBA Newsletter

Dear GBA Members,

Greetings from Washington!

I trust all of you are well and gearing up for the summer!

We would like to thank fellow GBA members RBC and Westpac for their contribution to this month’s GBA updates. As mentioned in the first edition, we would like all of you to use these as an opportunity to share knowledge and best practices with your fellow GBA members. Therefore, if there are any activities that you have undertaken, any reports that you have come accross, or any issues you feel would be of interest to our audience, please do not hesitate to email Esther at

GBA member RBC hosts Women Entrepreneurs Awards Gala

This is RBC’s fourth year in its commitment to the title sponsorship of the RBC Canadian Women’s Entrepreneur Awards.  Each year, women from across Canada are nominated for a CWEA award by their peers or their community.  The CWEA is an incredible program that celebrates successful women of all levels and very worthy of any attention to be garnered.

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Congratulations to Westpac on this fabulous new tool!Mark your calendars!*Next GBA Quarterly CallThe next GBA quarterly call will take place on Tuesday July 8th, 2008 at 10:00 am Washington DC time. During the call you will hear about the details regarding the upcoming summit in South Africa. Also, you will have the opportunity to hear from fellow GBA member Bank of America on its strategy and activities to access and respond to the needs of the women’s market in the US and the UK.

*GBA Summit 2008

The 2008 GBA Summit will take place in South Africa in early November this year. Hosted by FNB in collaboration with Women’s Development Bank, this year’s theme is “Opportunities through Entrepreneurship.” If there are any topics that you think would fit this theme, and that you would like discussed either during our closed or open sessions please contact Esther at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at +202-473-0915

In the News 

Don’t Let the F word hold you back
Article published in HBOS Women – Spring Issue 2008

Failure is the least talked about word in business, yet, as Rowan Morrison discovers, it can be significant in taking your business to the next level. Eight out of 10 people with a business idea don’t do anything about it.  Why?  Mostly because they’re simply scared of failing…

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All Eyes on Women
By the East African Standard (Nairobi) – March 2008

(…)In the past three years, local banks have rolled out bank accounts and loan products targeting women in what is turning out to be a battle to exploit a lucrative market that has remained untapped for years… The focus is on the emerging modern woman who is a professional, ambitious, independent and believes in leading a modern lifestyle – and above all earns her own money…

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Featured Article

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Launches the 2007 Report on Women and Entrepreneurship

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