GBA, SMEFF Gender Intelligent Banking Webinar Sees Record Attendance

Thursday 30th March 2017

Gender Intelligent Banking Webinar SMEFF GBAAs part of its joint webinar series on how banks can best serve their women customers, the Global Banking Alliance for Women and SME Finance Forum held a webinar covering the topic of Gender Intelligent Banking on March 22. Over 380 registrants from more than 70 countries signed up for the event, which featured experts Joanne Thomas Yaccato, International Gender Finance Specialist and Creator of Gender Intelligence and Gender Lens Methodology, and Kaylene Alvarez, Gender Specialist, Financial Inclusion and Impact Investing, International Finance Corporation (IFC), discussing the importance of banks’ using strategies that are tailored to women’s unique financial needs and preferences.

Joanne shared insights from GBA research on 12 member banks that make a strong case for the use of gender-intelligent strategies and challenge the assumption that gender-neutral banking, which emphasizes the equal treatment of women and men, works well. Kaylene then discussed four case studies from banks that are successfully applying these gender-intelligent strategies: BTPN of Indonesia, Access Bank of Nigeria, Banco BHD León of the Dominican Republic and BLC Bank of Lebanon.

The slides and full replay of the webinar are available to GBA and SME Finance Forum members. GBA members can click here to access the materials using their Vault logins. SME Finance Forum members who wish to view and download the materials should contact Farah Siddique at