Letter from Teri: December 2012

Saturday 29th December 2012


Dear members and partners,

TeriIt has been my great pleasure and privilege to see the GBA grow over the past 12 years with your involvement and support. As a founding member in 2000, I have served in many capacities, most recently as your CEO since March 2010. The efforts of the past 30 months have brought the GBA to the next level of growth and strategic direction. In previous newsletters I have described the strategic planning process undertaken by the Governing Board of Directors to develop a three-year plan for growth in membership and funding while providing thought leadership on issues affecting women’s wealth creation. This is a very exciting time for your organization. While I am announcing my retirement, I am very happy to welcome Inez Murray, as your new President and CEO. I wish all continued success in your endeavors for 2013.


Teri Cavanagh