Fintech Fridays

Tuesday 30th March 2021

The female economy is large, fast-growing and underserved — and fintechs are well-positioned to tap into it, as showcased in our research, “How Fintechs Can Profit From the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Female Economy.” To help fintechs embrace this win-win opportunity, the Financial Alliance for Women is launching a new dedicated peer learning activity called “Fintech Fridays.” It’s a monthly meet-up between fintechs, financial service providers (FSPs), big tech, investors and other key stakeholders in the fintech ecosystem working to drive the female economy.

Fintech Fridays will convene industry leaders to tackle how to supply and elevate women’s financial experiences and accelerate their economic empowerment. It will also be a platform for fintechs to showcase their businesses and connect with the Alliance global network of FSPs and investors.

In one hour, a keynote speaker will start by offering insights and recommendations on how to build a gender-intelligent business model and end with time for ecosystem players to network, build connections and create market opportunities.

Fintech Fridays are a meet-up between fintechs, FSPs, big tech, unicorns and investors working to drive the female economy and unlock its full potential.

The Alliance’s fintech research highlighted the need for capacity building and networking to better understand the female economy and how to serve it. It also highlighted fintechs’ need to connect with FIs, big tech and unicorns.

Fintech Fridays answer two main needs identified by fintechs:

Capacity Building: To help participants get insights on how to build a gender-intelligent business model from experts in big tech, unicorns and women’s market leaders from around the globe.

Meet-Ups: Fintechs will introduce their companies and network with experts, FIs and investors to build connections and open new market opportunities.

When & Where?
Fintech Fridays will be held once a month online on Zoom:
April 23: Embracing the Business Case for Serving Women
May 7: Using Sex-Disaggregated Data to Drive Decision-Making
June 18: Taking a Gender-Intelligent Approach
July 9: Scaling Up Through Partnerships: Speedboats
August 6: Aligning with Investors
Sept 3: Advocating for an Enabling Regulatory Environment

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