BancoEstado Expands Women’s Market Strategy to Include All Chilean Women

Tuesday 30th May 2017

BancoEstado CreceMujer Activa
Photo courtesy BancoEstado

Less than two years after the launch of its CreceMujer Emprendedora program, which has provided financial access to almost 100,000 women micro and small business owners, BancoEstado has launched CreceMujer Activa, a new initiative that aims to financially empower more women in Chile. With CreceMujer Activa, the bank is looking to support all of its more than 6 million women clients – 70 percent of the female population in Chile – by expanding its focus on business owners to include all women, regardless of age, occupation or educational level.

BancoEstado joined forces with Chile’s Ministry of Women to carry out the CreceMujer Activa action plan, which is intended to promote women’s financial autonomy and reduce economic gender gaps in the country. To achieve this, BancoEstado has agreed to lend through the National Service for Women and Gender Equality to women who require funding for businesses, housing needs, educational programs and other goals that promote economic independence.

“This initiative is in line with the spirit that inspires our financial institution: Ensure that women occupy an important place in society,” Jessica López, Executive General Manager of BancoEstado, said in a statement. “As a public bank, we are committed to gender equity. Thanks to this agreement and the BancoEstado CreceMujer program, we are contributing to making Chile a more inclusive country.”

As part of the program, CreceMujer Activa participants will also have access to the non-financial services that are a cornerstone of the CreceMujer Emprendedora program, including information on financial and non-financial products and services, trainings and tutorials, an online network, and a phone platform that offers guidance on topics related to entrepreneurship and the CreceMujer program.

For more information about CreceMujer Emprendedora and CreceMujer Activa, click here (website in Spanish).