FMO is the Dutch development bank. They believe that entrepreneurship is key in creating sustainable economic growth and improving people’s quality of life. FMO therefore finances businesses, projects and financial institutions in developing and emerging markets, with the aim of supporting sustainable private sector development. The bank’s investments are focused in the sectors where its contribution can have the largest long-term impact: financial institutions, energy and agribusiness.

Developing countries are often considered risky from an investment perspective. As a result, even the most innovative and promising businesses often do not have access to the financing needed to reach their potential. FMO meets this need with a range of services and products that include:

  • – Equity, loans and guarantees
  • – Capital market transactions
  • – Mezzanine and other tailor-made solutions
  • – Long-term and short-term project financing
  • – Access to FMO’s expertise, vast network and partnerships
  • – Support for capacity development, such as financial administration and planning skills
  • – Training in sustainable business practices

To learn more, visit the FMO website