WorldBank Publishes World Development Report 2012

Friday 16th September 2011

The 2012 WDR analyzes the wide swath of literature on gender and development and it will highlight the impressive progress in gender indicators on many fronts. However, it also reveals that in many domains—whether in the realms of power and decision making or maternal health – outcomes for women have improved very slowly or not at all.

The WDR 2012 breaks new ground by drawing from a rich array of new research, including a multi-country qualitative study of gender and economic choices, which provides a first-hand sense of how men and women “do gender” in their everyday lives and how their roles are changing. The effort encompasses field research in 19 countries in six developing regions, with 500 focus groups in 98 communities. More than 100 local researchers talked with 4,000 individuals of all ages, locations, income levels, ethnicities and religions.

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