IFC publishes ‘Telling our Story: Women and Business – Drivers of Development’

Monday 19th September 2011

Women’s health, education, and labor force participation levels have risen considerably, raising living standards and strengthening societies worldwide.

But progress remains uneven. Results vary considerably from region to region, and from area to area in many countries. Widespread gender disparities continue to exist in local economies. In 102 out of 141 economies

covered by our research, there exists at least one legal difference that may hinder women’s economic opportunities. Women entrepreneurs often have difficulty starting and building a business, and while women employees are largely concentrated in lowerpaying jobs, employers have made few advances in creating more productive working conditions.

Access Bank, GBA member, is featured in the report as a fast-rising Nigerian lender that had just received a $15 million IFC line of credit to increase its lending to women-owned businesses.

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