Program Launch: BHD León

Friday 13th February 2015

GBA Newsletter

On Tuesday, Feb. 24, Banco BHD León unveiled its Mujer Mujer gender initiative in the Dominican Republic. More than100 journalists, opinion makers and partners attended the event held at La Dolcerie in Santo Domingo. The public event closely followed the bank’s internal launch, held the preceding Friday with the institution’s top 600 managers at the Santo Domingo Sheraton.

Program Launch: BHD León

Steven Puig, General Manager of the bank, explained that BHD León seeks to become the commercial bank of reference for women in the Dominican Republic.

“As a universal bank, we are aiming to be top of mind for women micro entrepreneurs, SMEs, professionals and heads of households in the Dominican Republic. We have invested the past 14 months in defining our strategy through intensive market research, consultations with GBA members and invaluable technical assistance from the IFC.”

In addition to its banking products, Banco BHD León is incorporating insurance and health care services from affiliates into its value propositions.

“This initiative has also catalyzed and motivated our non-bank affiliates to serve the Women’s Market with us,” commented Carmina Pellerano, VP and Head of the bank’s mortgage and construction finance division.

During 2015 the bank will roll out several value propositions for its clients and prospects focused on fostering personal well-being, family well-being, financial independence and time savings.

“Our first value proposition is centered on education,” explained Daniel Gutierrez, BHD León’s Sales Management VP. “Women in the Dominican Republic play a leading role in arranging and coordinating payment for their children’s education, in addition to their own.”

Program Launch: BHD León

To that end, the bank and its affiliates are offering a suite of savings, loan and insurance products to facilitate tuition payments and cover future education needs.

The bank’s management emphasized its holistic approach to the initiative. In addition to customer value propositions, the bank has adopted gender as a focal point for its CSR program and taken stock of its internal gender equity. During the event BHD León announced its new annual award program for Dominican women.

“Annually, we will be recognizing three women who have had an impact on their community and our country,” commented Josefina Navarro, the bank’s Public relations VP, adding, “these awards seek to transcend socioeconomic segments and provide these leaders with financial resources to expand their activities.”

Martha Peralta, BHD León’s Talent Management VP, asserted, “We are well-positioned for this launch, as 64 percent of our total staff are women, 80 percent of our sales force are women, 50 percent of our direct reports to our President and General Manager are women, and 20 percent of our Board consists of women. In addition, we are pleased to report equity in pay at each level of our salary scale.”

The institution has a training program for women, encompassing personal health and fitness and professional development. Last December the bank unveiled its first lactation center and will be rolling out others in locations with 200 or more female employees.

During the launch, the bank presented customer videos highlighting women’s needs, aspirations and satisfaction with BHD León’s offerings to date. Two versions of the institution’s new commercial, “Mujer Mujer,” were revealed and positively received by employees and opinion makers.


“We aimed to highlight the attitude successful women have regardless of their demographic profile, and based upon initial showings we anticipate these will generate a favorable local buzz among the general public,” explained Jose Sanoja, BHD León’s Marketing VP.