October 6 – 8: The Annual Summit goes virtual

Shifting the Paradigm: The Female Economy 2020 and Beyond

This year’s Summit will (of course) be virtual and focus on the “new normal” and its implications for the female economy. The 2 1/2 day in-person meeting of former years will be just 2 1/2 hours each day for 3 days, but it’ll be packed with new know-how, lively debate and fun interactivity. The theme—Shifting the Paradigm: The Female Economy 2020 and Beyond—was chosen pre-COVID, but it’s even more relevant during and post. We’re focusing on areas that our members believe are the most profound drivers of enhancing value to female customers and employees. These include:

Doing Business in 2020 and Beyond: Serving the Client of Tomorrow

Bank Al Etihad’s remote account opening and delivery of cash through a partnership with Careem (Jordan’s equivalent of Uber) means more women are becoming banked for the first time. AXA’s support of telemedicine, with customers getting teleconsultations from their doctors and having medicine delivered to their door, means more families have access at more affordable rates. This session will draw on members’ experiences with different segments of the female economy on what serving the client of tomorrow will look like.

Digital Non-Financial Services to Drive Impact at Scale

Focusing on the latest insights from a piece of research recently commissioned by the International Finance Corporation and FMO, this session will focus on what’s working best in moving all learning and networking online; massifying upskilling through digital platforms; and the latest apps and integrated B2B software to support women in managing their business and finances.

Current and Future Impact of Fintech on the Female economy

Built on survey findings from 200+ fintech founders and venture capitalists being released by the Alliance for the Summit, these sessions will explore the current and potential impact of fintech on the female economy and what it will take for the sector to become gender intelligent. Sessions will also focus on the role of investors, regulators and financial institutions as key players in the fintech ecosystem.   

Diversity & Inclusion 2.0: Designing the New Workplace

We’re all working from home nowadays, and many of us will continue to do so in the future. For women this may be an inflection point in terms of their capacity to manage work/life balance. These sessions will look at how work is being reinvented and what impact this will have on gender representation, particularly in the C-suite. The Alliance will share its product suite for supporting members as they advance diversity & inclusion in their workplace, including the latest “How To Guide on Becoming the Employer of Choice for Women.”

Championing the Female Economy

Leaders and changemakers from some of the largest financial services providers will share their wisdom on how they’re championing the female economy. They will candidly touch upon the challenges around keeping the focus on women’s financial inclusion during this crisis why it is crucial for long-term sustainability.

And despite our being sad at not seeing our fantastic community in person this year, we will host a virtual cocktail at the end of the Summit.

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