GBA Launches Product Innovation for Women’s Market Working Group

Monday 16th July 2018

The Product Innovation for the Women’s Market Working Group will explore best practices around innovation in financial services and uncover opportunities to develop and improve products, processes, and channels to better serve the Women’s Market. GBA members are invited to participate in the Working Group, which will be anchored by seven webinars, the first of which will take place on July 31.

The last 10 years have seen huge technological innovation disrupting all elements of the financial services value chain. This presents both threats and opportunities for incumbent financial service providers, including new avenues to target and improve services for women.

PwC FinTech Graph

The Working Group will help banks understand the latest product innovations and design practices across the Alliance that members are using to enhance their value propositions to the Women’s Market. This group will take a holistic approach to its exploration of innovations, focusing not just on development of products but also on other key levers banks are pulling to effectively meet women’s needs, including delivery channels, new processes and improvements in existing offerings.

Interested GBA members are asked to nominate two staff members – one from the Women’s Market and one from product development – both of whom will be expected to be active participants in seven 1.5-hour webinar discussions from July 2018 through April 2019.

Members are invited to join the group to leverage innovations from across the GBA’s global network and take their Women’s Market program to the next level. Email Hilary Nichols at to register today.