GBA Announces 2018 Women’s Market Champion Winners

Tuesday 13th November 2018

DEAD SEA, JORDAN – The Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA) is pleased to announce the 2018 winners of our Women’s Market Champion Awards, given each year to outstanding GBA member institutions that are working to better serve their women customers by providing them with holistic solutions that meet their needs. This year’s Women’s Market Champions reflect the global nature of the GBA’s work, hailing from diverse markets and regions.

“The awarded institutions are true champions of women, working to unleash the economic potential of the female economy,” GBA Chief Executive Inez Murray said. “Their engagement with the GBA network is essential to the work we are doing to economically empower women worldwide and contributes to the Women’s Market success of the entire membership.”

Honored for having launched a holistic program that strongly supports the Women’s Market in the last 12 months, the winners of the 2018 New Program Award have shown their commitment to women with hard work and dedication. This year’s honorees are ACBA-Credit Agricole of Armenia, Banistmo of Panama, BanRegio of Mexico, VPBank of Vietnam and global digital payments company Mastercard.

The Engagement Award this year goes to BRAC Bank of Bangladesh and NatWest of the UK for their exceptional and active sharing of Women’s Market know-how with other GBA network members.

BLC Bank of Lebanon is the recipient of the 2018 Data Award, given to the member that has reported extraordinarily high-quality sex-disaggregated data to the GBA, helping enable the Alliance to better build out the business case for financial services providers to strategically serve the female economy.

Our Impact Award this year goes to Diamond Bank of Nigeria, as a GBA member institution that has had a very strong effect on supporting the Women’s Market where it operates, with a particular focus on banking the unbanked – helping to close the stubborn 7 percentage point gender gap in financial inclusion globally.

This year’s Emerging Leader Award goes to BancoEstado in Chile, a member that is quickly rising through the ranks of outstanding Women’s Market practitioners, learning from the GBA network and giving back as a Women’s Market expert.

The 2018 Outstanding Contributor Award goes to Bank al Etihad of Jordan and Westpac of Australia, institutions that have shown spectacular support for the GBA network over the past 12 months, having built world-class Women’s Market programs and given back to fellow members by sharing know-how and expertise.

Finally, this year’s Lifetime Achievement award goes to Banco BHD León of the Dominican Republic, which has provided outstanding leadership in the Women’s Market in their home country and abroad over a number of years. The bank has served as an example to other institutions, policymakers and leaders, and been a global ambassador of the potential of the Women’s Market.

A hearty congratulations to all of this year’s winners, and thanks for your ongoing contributions to women’s economic empowerment.