2018 Summit Preview: Day 3

Wednesday 14th November 2018

Today, the final day of the 2018 GBA Summit, we take a look at the widely reported business case for gender diversity and inclusion in the workforce, exploring how GBA members are empowering women in the workplace and the results they’ve seen from doing so. We will also hear from Women’s Market leaders about their strategic rationale for serving the Women’s Market, the challenges/roadblocks along the way, the impact – both positive and negative – of disruption on their strategy for women, and the importance of personal leadership in this journey.

The 2018 Summit will conclude with our Annual Members Meeting, where we will preview the GBA’s new 2019-2021 strategy and conduct workshops on four priority areas for members: product innovation for the Women’s Market, Women’s Market data, digital transformation with a gender lens and women in leadership.

Take a look at the full agenda for the Summit here, and follow our Twitter feed at @GBAforWomen and the #GBASummit hashtag for live updates from the Summit.