Javier Diaz

Chief Analytics Officer, MO Technologies

I lead teams in charge of advising and developing artificial intelligence and data analytics projects driven by the real necessities of organizations.

I believe that business analytics offers an incredible set of tools that enable organizations to achieve strategical goals by optimizing processes, solving problems, and discovering new and disruptive opportunities of creating value from data.

With 20 years of experience in the fields of data analytics and artificial intelligence in France and Colombia, I have gathered considerable knowledge in applying machine learning to real-world problems in several sectors (banking and finance, telecommunications, retail, health, education, etc.), either working directly for a company (Orange France Télécom, Sociéte Générale, Banco Falabella, MO Technologies) or as a consultant (Altran, Icesi University).
I have also had the chance to work as a university professor and applied analytics researcher, first as part of the LIP6 lab in Paris, and then as a Faculty member of the School of Engineering at Icesi University, where I also served as the director of the master’s in data science.
Furthermore, I have participated in conceiving and directing data analytics projects for our industrial partners, and as an advisor on how to develop and integrate business analytics capabilities into the organizational structure.

I am currently the Chief Analytics Officer in MO Technologies, where I oversee the Data department, including the Data Engineering, Data Science and BI teams (+/-30 people), in charge of developing micro and nano credit risk models using artificial intelligence techniques in Latin America (Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Argentina, ..) aimed at providing financial inclusion solutions for populations that do not have access to traditional credit resources.