Chitalu Charity Mwanza


Charity Chitalu Mwanza is a business leader and technology enthusiast with over 22 years experience in digital transformation, payments, systems implementation, business development, and strategic partnerships in the financial services industry. Combining technology with business acumen, she has had unique experiences of developing and launching digital products that have had both social and economic impact. Charity is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Digital PayGo, a fintech offering digital shared services to facilitate interoperability and eliminate barriers to financial inclusion. Charity holds a Master’s of Business Administration (Herriot-Watt), Diploma in Computer Science, Associate Certificate in Business Analysis from George Washington University (89) and various professional qualifications and experience in Digital Transformation, Business Strategy Development & Implementation, Information Technology, System Implementations, Project & Change Management, Business Analysis and Sales Management.

Digital Paygo offers Digital Shared Services and infrastructure for Financial Institutions, MNOs, Merchants and Agents to eliminate financial inclusion barriers and expand distribution channels for business growth.