Ayona Aguele-Trimnell

Group Head/Coordinator, W Initiative – Access Bank

Ayona Trimnell is currently the Group Head/Coordinator of W Initiative at Access Bank. She is responsible for developing and sustaining the Portfolio in seven subsidiaries across Africa. Women are over 30% of the Banks’ customer base- understanding what women want at home, in the workplace and in Business is at the core of the Banks’ strategy. With more women financially excluded in Africa, she is responsible for understanding what women want and developing solutions and products to provide access to finance, access to market and access to capacity building programmes.She is an ardent lover of art, an avid reader, a published author and feminist. In the past 20 years, she has juggled various roles in the fields of Market Research, Brand Management, Corporate Communications, Marketing Strategy, Retail Marketing and Business Development across Africa and the Middle East.She has always worked for women empowerment and equality of women at workplaces. In her book Celebrated- Nigerian Women in Development.(2006), the book explores the female entrepreneurship journey in Nigeria.