Press Release: GBA Is Now Financial Alliance for Women

BROOKLYN, NY – As it continues to catalyze transformation in the financial services industry to accelerate the economic power of women around the world, the Global Banking Alliance for Women announces a major transformation that reflects its expansion beyond banks to all financial services providers seeking to support the female economy: The Global Banking Alliance for Women is now the Financial Alliance for Women.

Since 2000, the Global Banking Alliance for Women has been supporting banks worldwide to champion the female economy and unlock its full value. This rebrand marks an evolution of its membership and reflects the changing nature of the financial services sector.

“As a membership-driven organization, we knew it was important that our name and brand represent our members in their entirety,” Inez Murray, Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Alliance for Women, said. “As more and more diverse organizations operating in the financial services space recognize the value and power of the female economy, the Financial Alliance for Women is now positioned to help them all convert this reality into action and catalyze real transformation – both in the industry and for women everywhere.”

The new logo is a modern, dynamic wordmark that clearly and directly expresses the organization’s purpose as an alliance of financial institutions championing the female economy. All other visual identity assets mirror this aim, with bold yet simple designs led by award-winning strategic branding and design agency, Design Bridge.

Visit the Financial Alliance for Women website at to take a look, and find them on social media at @FAforWomen.

About the Financial Alliance for Women

Founded in 2000, the Financial Alliance for Women – formerly the Global Banking Alliance for Women – is the only global consortium of financial institutions dedicated to supporting its members to capture the opportunity of the Women’s Market. Our members work in more than 135 countries to build innovative, comprehensive programs that deliver women the tools that they need to succeed, including access to capital, information, education and markets.

Membership in the Alliance provides financial institutions access to a unique global community of peers that have proven the business case for serving women. As a close network of practitioners, the Financial Alliance for Women provides a wide range of services to help organizations design, implement and refine effective Women’s Market programs. The Alliance also seeks to use its collective voice to advocate for greater awareness of women’s vital economic role as consumers, investors and job-creating entrepreneurs.