Letter from the Chair: March 2011

Saturday 5th March 2011


Greetings everyone! On behalf of my bank, Westpac, I am especially happy to host the 11th annual Summit. We are all very excited to have GBA members come to Sydney, Australia, not only to participate in the Summit, but also to attend the 2 day Study Tour. This year we will combine the Summit with a Study Tour for new members, October 13-14 to immediately follow the conference days.

LarkeMy team and I are busy putting together workshops that will give you all great insights into how we have managed to position Westpac as global best practice for our work in the women’s segment.

You will get first hand knowledge on how we have built our reputation using social media, marketing, employer of choice positioning as well as the ongoing development of our website – There will also be a greater understanding of how our national program can easily be implemented in your own  banks within your country or region.

Westpac has for the past 3 years provided the Study Tour, and it has become a catalyst for new members to propel their programs to reach their women’s market.

If you are not currently a member, this is the year to do so!! You can start the application process on our website now.

I look forward to seeing you all “down under” in October.


Larke Riemer
Director, Women’s Markets
Westpac Banking Corporation
Chair, Global Banking Alliance for Women