Lidh means “connection”, its purpose is to connect women with their financial power. Lidh offers a digital platform focused on helping its users get involved in the financial system and leveraging their economy through digital financial services and education.

About Lidh:

Lidh was founded in 2020 by a group of enthusiasts with previous experience working in women’s programs, financial inclusion, and development banking. Proudly, the team is primarily female, from the founders, stakeholders, to talent. They believe in the power of women and in the urgent necessity to close the gap in Mexico. Lidh believes that financial instruments are the vehicles that will drive women to their independence, security, and well-being; accordingly it intends to give them the tools that will help them connect with their financial power.

About the Porgram:

Lidh products are 100% gender-focused and thoroughly designed for women, predominating an educational user experience that makes finances more practical and accessible.

Mía: is their debit card and App featuring saving envelopes, a financial organizer, and utility bill payments. With a 100% customer experience, Mía helps Lidh users spend their time on what matters to them.

Tara: is the credit product (in development). One of Lidh’s objectives is to have their users become masters in credit. Tara is transparent, practical, and customizable to every woman’s needs.

Lidh Academy: is their non-financial services platform where the community can access online courses, workshops, financial therapy, budgeting tools, and worksheets designed to help them develop a better relationship with money and healthier economic life.



70% of the founders are women.

70% of the stakeholders and workforce.

90% of Lidh’s community and users are female.

The Opportunity in Mexico​


of women in Mexico don’t have a formal financial product.

7 out of 10

mexicans have no financial education, most of them are women with a non-paid job (domestic and care job).


of women in Mexico don’t have access to credit.


of women in Mexico don’t have a saving formal account.

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