CONAFIPS is a second-tier public bank that finances savings and credit cooperatives and mutuals in Ecuador, contributing to the development of the popular and solidarity economy.


The National Corporation of Popular and Solidarity Finance – CONAFIPS, is a second-tier public financial institution that works with organizations of the popular and solidarity financial system (OSFPS).

Part of their work is to grant financing lines to Savings and Credit Cooperatives and Mutual Members for the generation of productive credits for the benefit of Ecuadorian entrepreneurs, thus contributing to the development and economic and productive reactivation of the country.

They offer lines of financial and non-financial products and services such as guarantee services, strengthening, training and providing second-tier funds to organizations, to strengthen the operational capacities of organizations in the popular and solidarity financial system.

About The Program

CONAFIPS are part of a national financial inclusion strategy with a gender focus that promotes the reduction of the gap in access to credit for women. With the support of the National Government and multilateral organizations, they provide resources to organizations of the popular and solidarity financial system so that Ecuadorian women have access to financing to start and lead their micro, small and/or medium-sized companies.

5 out of 10 loans granted by organizations of the popular and solidarity financial system with resources from CONAFIPS, are in the hands of women entrepreneurs; each loan given to a female head of the household translates into prosperity for her family.

At CONAFIPS  the inclusion of women is important at all levels, accordingly their staff is made up of 54% women with women representing 52% at the managerial level.

CONAFIPS create specialized products aimed at expanding financing for women, evaluating special conditions (interest rates, terms, guarantees, among other benefits) in order to influence the use of these resources in first-tier credit operations. .