The director of inclusive banking at ABN AMRO, is working together with her team to make financial products and services more inclusive and accessible to female customers and other specific customer groups.


ABN AMRO is a personal bank in the digital age. A bank committed to playing a serious role in society. This digital age helps us to bring banking ever closer to our clients and what they need. Our areas of focus are inclusion, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, innovation, daily banking and more.

ABN AMRO is committed to advancing equal opportunities for all. Because we believe that everyone, regardless of their background, beliefs, or preferences, is entitled to it. We leverage our expertise to help tackle social problems. We do that through our services, who we are as an employer, our sponsorship portfolio, ABN AMRO Foundation, and more.

About the Program

Not everyone has an equal opportunity when it comes to obtaining financial products and services. Some groups of people and individuals still feel systematically underserved. ABN AMRO’s Inclusive Banking team is taking stock of the various barriers certain client groups – such as female entrepreneurs – face; and also how these barriers can be overcome through smart solutions.

The Inclusive Banking team was founded in October 2021. The objective of this team is to enable the bank to become a partner in life to all, by identifying key barriers and designing and facilitating implementation of interventions. We want our organisation to be a representative reflection of society and of its customers and stakeholders. It is also important that there is a sense of belonging, in which differences between people may exist and the starting point is: the power of the difference.