Working Groups

Deep-Dive Knowledge Sharing and Problem Solving

Financial Alliance for Women Working Groups connect members for in-depth discussions on key areas of the Women’s Market. Working Groups meet on a regular basis for guided interactive webinars that explore the most important topics around the Working Group’s theme, discussing successes, challenges and how best to overcome them.

Past Working Groups have focused on sex-disaggregated data, insurance for the Women’s Market, gender diversity and inclusion, product innovation. The Alliance also partnered with Mastercard to run a Task Force on Payment Solutions for the female economy, which supported members to design and implement value-add payment solutions for a target segment.This year the Alliance will bring you various knowledge transfer activities including two Working Groups (the first on climate and women, and the second on data) and a Women’s Market Workforce Training.

Hardwiring Climate Action: Greening the CVP for Women

The Financial Alliance for Women is launching a new Working Group to enable members to tap into the opportunity to build the green CVP for women, apply a gender lens to green initiatives, and expand their gender and climate footprints. Core themes include:

  1. Exploring existing B2B and B2C solutions that drive climate and gender action
  2. Telling a cohesive story about climate and gender, internally and externally
  3. Breaking down silos between women’s market and climate teams
  4. Building the business case to target women with green products and services

The Working Group sessions will meet for 8 sessions monthly, from February through August with two sessions in March. All sessions will take place at 8:00am EST unless otherwise noted.

 The sessions will build on the insights presented through the years during the Alliance’s All-Stars Academies, Annual Summit, and Ask the Expert webinars, combined with the latest research on how FSPs can align with the Paris Agreement by enabling customers to go green.

Gender Data Working Group (Upcoming): 

Later in 2023, we will launch a Gender Data Working Group for members to share challenges and best practices in collecting, analyzing and using sex-disaggregated data to drive solutions for the women’s market. Stay tuned!