Working Groups

Deep-dive Knowledge Transfer

Financial Alliance for Women Working Groups connect members for in-depth discussions on key areas of the Women’s Market. Working Groups  meet on a regular basis for guided interactive webinars that explore the most important topics around the Working Group’s theme, discussing successes, challenges and how best to overcome them.

Past Working Groups have focused on sex-disaggregated data, insurance for the Women’s Market, gender diversity and inclusion and product innovation. The Alliance is currently running a Working Group in partnership with Mercer on Women in Leadership, supporting institutions to tackle the challenges they face to advance and sustain women in leadership internally. In addition, the Alliance’s Communications Task Force, comprised of communications and marketing professionals from across the Alliance network, offers a space to share successes, exchange ideas and problem solve as we seek to become more effective at communicating with and marketing to women clients. Finally, we are partnering with Mastercard to run a Task Force on Payment Solutions for the Women’s Market, which will support members to design and implement value-add payment solutions for a target segment. 

Hilary Nichols runs the Alliance’s Working Groups. If interested, please reach out to her at

What the Participants Say

“Sharing our story helps us to get feedback and identify areas of improvement.”