Annual Summit 2022 - Day 2 Highlights

Thursday Nov 3: Gender Intelligent Financial Services Design

During day two of the 2022 Annual Summit we spoke to investors mobilizing angel and venture capital towards women founders, heard from fintechs designing innovative gender-intelligent solutions for women, including the superb finalists in the Alliance Hack, and joined policy makers and influencers at the UK Parliament for a session on unlocking the potential of women-led green companies.  Watch the highlights:

Opening Remarks

"What's curious about the fintechs that have succeeded in our Hackathons is that most are female founded. One hypothesis is that women perhaps are more predisposed to understanding the challenges that other women face in the market. That's fantastic to see. Regrettably female founders are also finding it very challenging to get funding at every stage of their business, particularly in the startup phase."

Gender Intelligent Fintech and Digital Financial Services Design

"That peer to peer conversation is all about building trust…we realized we had to build a community where women come and talk money."
"Instead of just looking at normal credit bureau data, we are trying to remove the bias by looking at other types of data."
"There are simple considerations that you can build into your funnel to become gender intelligent without excluding anyone else."

Mobilizing Angel and Venture Capital to Invest in female founders and female economy focused companies

"60% of angel money is going to all male companies… that immediately affects what happens in venture."
"Women founders actually seek similar amounts as men and yet they often receive considerably lower amounts."
"We shouldn’t create an environment where women feel badly that they are not achieving more VC and Angel investment."

Alliance Hackathon

"We really need to think about from a financial services industry how we can improve the access to finance. And we know that women are a powerful untapped force in the global economy and it makes no sense not to do something about it."

Public Summit Closing Remarks

"Before you leave ask yourself where you are on your journey and what’s next; how can somebody here help you and help others… let’s push ourselves on the journey"

Alliance Members Meeting

Topic I: Climate Action

Topic I: Investing In Women Code - National Strategies

Study Tour: UK Parliament

On Day 2 of the Annual Summit, attendees convened at the UK Parliament for a session on Unlocking the Potential of Green Startups to Help Tackle the Global Climate Crisis with leaders from the UK government, NatWest, and the green start-up space. They discussed the opportunity that emerging green start-ups bring and highlighted practical ways for policymakers and financial services providers to support women entrepreneurs in the green space.

Summit Moments

What the Speakers Say

What the Participants Say