Financial Alliance for Women Annual Summit

The Financial Alliance for Women Annual Summit is the world’s premier event convening global commercial financial services companies targeting the female economy.

At the Summit, participants learn directly from practitioners and subject matter experts, share best practices on how to tap into the female economy, and discuss the latest innovations and approaches that are having a real impact on women and the companies that serve them.

The Annual Summit convenes CEOs and C-Suite changemakers from a wide range of financial, technology and real sector players to share business solutions for women’s economic empowerment.

Summit attendees include banks, insurance companies, payment companies, asset management companies, big techs, fintechs, telcos, as well as thought leaders, policymakers, development finance specialists and other ecosystem orchestrators.

Our 2020 Annual Summit in partnership with Mastercard was virtual for the first time with the theme “Shifting the Paradigm: The Female Economy 2020 and Beyond”. Watch the full Summit sessions here.

The 2021 Annual Summit, “Investing in Women, Transforming our World,” will be online from October 5 to 7 and will bring together major players from across the tech and financial services ecosystems to explore the transformative power of the female economy to shape a better tomorrow.

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Day 1: Championing the Female Economy

Day 2: Reimagining the Fintech Industry

Day 3: The Future of Work

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