Gender Data Learning Series

The Financial Alliance for Women is pleased to launch the second edition of its Data Learning Series designed to equip financial services providers with the skills needed to effectively use sex- disaggregated data to inform business decisions.

The Learning Series will feature guest experts with experience developing successful sex- disaggregated data strategies, presentations of use cases and best practice tools, and opportunities for peer learning with fellow participants working at FSPs around the world.


  1. Data use-cases: Practical examples of how financial institutions have leveraged gender data to drive business decisions.
  2. Diagnostic Tools: Tools and strategies for identifying strengths and gaps in your institutions’ current collection, analysis and reporting of gender data.
  3. Analysis and Reporting Best Practices: Best practices for identifying KPIs and reporting out on gender data.
  4. Common Challenges and Solutions: Discussion of how to address key challenges such as defining women-owned enterprises, dealing with quality issues, and more.

Interested candidates are requested to send their full name, job title, company name and email address to