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Financing Women-Owned Formal Businesses

Competing Fintechs:

Boost Capital:Boost is a white-labeled SAAS platform that allows banks to onboard customers via chat through smartphones in 5-10 min without an app download. Chat offers the biggest possible funnel for new customers to apply for loans, credit cards, and savings products. Boost can enable applications on 100% of the smartphones in each market, which means a massive new reach in customers!  Their tech has simple integrations, so they can launch a new bank partner in 2-3 weeks.  Boost customers love the experience, with 99.9% of onboarded customers saying their next loan will be digital.

Luka by Fundación Capital::Luka is a digital platform that empowers women small business owners who also serve as banking agents to have a more comprehensive portfolio of financial services. At the same time these banking agents which are Luka users offer financial services to women from underserved communities. The solution links female banking agents and women in underserved communities with financial institutions allowing banks to expand their network of banking agents into small cities and rural areas and provide their services to both banking agents and the communities.

Building Business Capability of Female Entrepreneurs

Competing Fintechs:

Athena FundX: Athena FundX empowers women and young girls in technology entrepreneurship through their AI-driven 1 Million Women in Tech Entrepreneurship Program. Athena FundX offers personalized learning and resources, fostering success in the tech sector. Considering that Access to funding is pivotal, they have established a fund to support innovative ventures in their pipeline. Their commitment extends beyond gender, focusing on nurturing potential across diverse backgrounds. Athena FundX is breaking barriers, driving innovation, and shaping the future of tech. Empower. Innovate. Thrive.

Nume:Nume is a platform for women’s personal well-being and professional development. Nume is based on four main services: Healthy Mind; Financial Education; Women’s Health and Leadership. 

Transforming Mass Market Women's Investment Capabilities

Competing Fintechs:

FollowTrade: FollowTrade is a social trading application that facilitates easy sharing and following of investment journeys among single women.

Perfingo Pte Ltd: Perfingo, based in Singapore, is reshaping personal finance management by intertwining life-goal-planning with emotional and lifestyle considerations. Users benefit from a dashboard that visualizes financial scenarios, aiding in effective planning. Additionally, a chatbot provides real-time financial advice, utilizing advanced Artificial Intelligence. This combination of tools streamlines personal finance management, making it more efficient and user-friendly for both individuals and couples.

SALT: SALT is an AI-powered fintech platform which transforms the way in which women consume financial services. SALT’s Emotionally Intelligent platform provides curated financial products based on users’ psychology, life context and unique financial needs. The product suite includes a proprietary psychometric assessment providing a deep understanding of users’ financial behavior, NLP-based Passbook to track money flows, interactive money visualization tool and Adaptive AI driven investments. Using deep-tech and human centric design they have created a financial service “Jarvis”, which gives users not only what they want but also what they need.

Greening the CVP For Women

Competing Fintechs:

GreenFi: ESG due-diligence software for sustainable financing & supply chain. Greenfi offers predictive analytics based on Machine learning and AI models for ESG decisioning. GreenFi is an AI platform that aids financial institutions and corporates in identifying and quantifying the risks and opportunities associated to sustainable investments, transition, insurance, and supply chain.

TrinityEco:TrinityEco/CoolESG is a pioneering startup focused on simplifying sustainability practices and reporting. By offering ESGSolve, an advanced platform that integrates artificial intelligence and data analytics, TrinityEco enables businesses of all sizes to enhance their environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Their clientele ranges from SMEs to large corporations, as well as investors and financial institutions interested in sustainable investments. Key traction metrics include growing user adoption, strategic partnerships, measurable impact reports, and positive customer feedback, all reflecting their commitment to facilitating positive change in sustainability practices and governance worldwide.

WeavAir:WeavAir has created a new easy-to-implement investment intelligence software with a gender lens that will change the way financial institutions evaluate and benchmark ESG performance & advise women on their investment decisions. WeavAir works with banks and insurance companies to help them inject high-quality data into their decision-making process and prioritize their ESG portfolios while increasing the returns. By combining satellite imagery with other data sources, the solution is able to evaluate emissions, climate risks and operational parameters, providing more accurate data than is currently available to financial institutions and regulators. They go beyond benchmarking by helping the industry reduce the risks via a decision support system that enables loss prevention and emission risk mitigation, leading to 40% improved accuracy and 30% reduced costs in accessing and analyzing ESG data. By making use of big data and AI, WeavAir drives better wealth management performance KPIs and reduced risks, attracting more female investors.

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