About the Alliance Hack

Women represent a huge business opportunity worth trillions of dollars–that has been largely underserved or unserved by the traditional financial sector. Through this e-hackathon, you can chart a path to becoming a chosen brand for female customers. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch to high-impact executives at established brands including major finserv institutions and network with industry leaders.




Learning Hours


Mentoring Sessions


Engaged Experts




The most important aspect of the Alliance hack remains the learning journey and support delivered to the participating fintechs sharing the know-how from market experts to better understand the Women’s Market, build a Gender-Intelligent business model, a compelling CVP to Women, importance of disaggregating-data, and Meeting the needs of the women of wealth.

A deep dive into the Alliance fintech research findings to better understand the opportunity at each stage of the sales funnel.

Prizes and Benefits

Cash Prize

The winning fintech will receive a US$25,000 cash prize. 

Shortlisted participants will get one year free subscription to the APIX platform. 

Accelerator Program

The three winners are invited to join the Equinix Metal Accelerator Program which includes free access to Metal platform, white glove support and engagement with Equinix engineering teams and partners.

Networking & Support

The three winners will get an Annual Membership of the Alliance for a full year, enabling access to a network of global financial services providers and the Alliance’s proprietary tools and knowledge products.
All participants will receive one-on-one mentoring from a highly experienced mentor cohort and take part in peer learning events focused on how to build a successful women-centered strategy.

Eligibility Criteria

Formally registered technology-based start-up firms that primarily serve the financial services industry (fintechs).

FinTechs, InsureTech, RegTech, etc., with experience and willing to develop solutions to serve the Female Economy.

Possess a minimum viable product (MVP) or a product available on the market or ready to be rolled out in the market.

Female founders and gender diverse teams encouraged to apply.


This hackathon is open to fintechs in early to mid-stage development, including seed stage, raising/raised funds, or in the process of scaling.

Each team can submit one proposal per problem statement and can submit up to 3 proposals per company. The Alliance will allocate the selected team one problem statement from the team’s [three] preferred choices. Incomplete entries may be disqualified.

An independent selection committee will assess fintech proposals based on the following criteria: registration status, growth potential, minimum viable product (MVP) or product on the market, and the ability to impact women’s access to financial services. Selected fintechs will be invited to take part in the Hackathon from September 27 till October 20.

A panel of experts with relevant experience will be responsible for judging entries. The final decisions of the judges are to be based on the following parameters : Idea Validation, Innovation & Prototype, Impact on Women’s Market, Business Model, Customer Segment, Competitiveness and Scalability,  Team and Female Founders. 

The jury panel will assign a score to each parameter, which will then determine the ranking of each team. The hackathon winner will be the team with the highest total score.