A Primer on the Female Economy

A Primer on the Female Economy

This course provides a high-level introduction to guide Alliance members at the beginning of their journey on how to develop a women-centered strategy. It provides women’s market managers with practical tools and lessons on how to get started, and where to go next, featuring best practice cases from leading Alliance members.

The course provides an overview of the 6 key building blocks to develop a successful strategy, including: 

  1. Understanding the Opportunity 
  2. Developing your Customer Value Proposition (CVP): Financial and Non-Financial Services
  3. Developing the program 
  4. Building Organizational Culture and Embedding the Program 
  5. Measuring the results

The course is based on content from the Alliance’s All Stars Academy and although it includes key areas highlighted in the Academy, it does not cover in detail the different aspects and insights, nor does it include in-depth exercises, cases, or live discussions that are featured as part of the Academy’s in-depth learning journey.

By the end of the course, you will have:

  • *Understood the key building blocks of developing a women-centered strategy.
  • *Gained insights and tools to help you kickstart your own program. 
  • *Reviewed selected best practices cases from leading Alliance members

This course is for Alliance members only. Interested candidates are requested to send their full name, job title, company name and email address to info@financialallianceforwomen.org.