UK Study Tour

In 2024 the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Code – Community of Champions is asked to participate in a Study Tour taking place in London, the United Kingdom, on June 6th, to dovetail with the Financial Alliance for Women Annual Summit, taking place nearby in London, June 4th -5th. The Study Tour will be a 1-day immersion program with UK Code Anchors and FSP Signatories.

Date :

June 6, 2024

Time :

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM London time


HSBC, London, 8 Canada Square

High Level Agenda

8:00 AM – Welcome and Registration

9:15 AM – Opening

  • Welcome Remarks
  • The Strategic and Business Case to Serve Women’s Markets
  • Small Groups: Getting to know each other and Leading Change 

10:25 AM UK’s Investing in Women Code– Overview and Strategic Rationale

11:10 AM Coffee Break and Networking

11:32 AM WE Finance Code Design

11:43 AM UK’s Investing In Women Code– Building National Coalition

12:30 PM WE Finance Code Design: WMSME Data Journey

12:37 PM UK’s Investing In Women Code– Data Journey

1:25 PM  –  Lunch and Networking

2:25 PM UK’s Investing in Women Code– Implementation and Launching The Code

3:04 PM Small Groups: Overcoming Barriers to Successful Implementation

3:30 PM UK’s Investing in Women Code– Non-Financial Services Supports

4:15 PM – Afternoon Tea and Networking

4:35 PM UK’s Investing In Women code – Tracking and Accelerating Progress

4:53 PM UK’s Investing In Women code – Global Reporting Mechanism

5:08 PM Small Groups: Learning Journey Needs and Expectations

5:34 PM The WE Finance Code COC: Learning Journey 

5:55 PM  Closing Remarks

6:00 PM  End

Who Attends

The Community of Champions consists of Code anchors from each We-Fi pilot country as well as the UK and Netherlands.
Public and private sector Anchors might include:

  • – Bank regulator bodies i.e. Central Bank, Superintendent of Banks etc.
  • – Non-bank FSP regulator bodies i.e. of cooperatives, microfinance banks/ nbfcs etc.
  • – Leading FSPs who want to champion the Code and/or trade associations of FSP Code signatories
  • – Data Aggregators, most likely those institutions to whom Banks are already reporting data to i.e. banker
    associations or Central Bank or Superintendent of banks.
  • – Government ministry responsible for supporting small industry development/ other policymakers
  • – Other, TBD

Why Attend

The We Finance Code is a new initiative with tremendous potential. To ensure a rapid and successful adoption, it is important that the learning across implementing countries is expedited. The Best Practices shared in the Community of Champions will build off the first country to implement a Code, the United Kingdom, and be complemented with advances made in the first three additional countries to adopt a Code—the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and The Netherlands. As pilots in other countries get started, so their insights will be added to learning content.


The operating language of the WE Finance Community of Champions will be English. We-Fi Implementing Partner will try to accommodate translation needs upon request.