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WG – Future of Work: Creating an inclusive EVP

This session of the working group on Gender D&I Strategies for the Future of Work focused on building a sustainable employee value proposition (EVP) for women. Inclusion and employee resource group leads at NatWest presented on the bank’s holistic, purpose-driven approach to attracting and retaining women employees.

WG on The Future of Work: Fostering an inclusive culture

A truly sustainable culture of inclusion requires a high-quality working environment in which women are valued, supported, and championed. In this Working Group we look at what makes a company culture inclusive or not, address combatting workplace harassment and bullying and hear the practitioner’s perspective from BRAC Bank Bangladesh.


Employee Value Proposition Pyramid Brainstorming and Mapping

Identifying elements of a value proposition that will have the most impact for women employees involves a bit of brainstorming. It also involves mapping potential policy additions with the resources needed and potential results they would yield. Some policy changes might be simple to do, creating some quick wins, while others might require more effort, but offer the promise of broader and deeper impact. Here is a template to help with this process.

Gender Inclusive Meetings Checklist

Meetings are where decisions are discussed. Meetings are also filled with behaviors that can make participants feel included or excluded. HR can develop resources that will encourage managers and other leaders to use inclusive behaviors. This checklist is an example of a manager resource and offers guidance on how to ensure that meetings are inclusive of diverse participants and that input is received from all.