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Measuring the Value of the Female Economy 2020

This report is based on information gathered in the Alliance’s Female Economy Analytics Survey — the only collection of global banking data measuring the performance of financial institutions serving the female economy, with 7 years of performance data and over 12,000 data points.

Consistent with the trends that have emerged in previous reports, this fourth edition of “Measuring the Value of the Female Economy” report (formally the “Economics of Banking on Women”report) highlights a vast opportunity to better serve the female economy and significant benefits for those FSPs that tap into it.

Rise FinTech Insights: Diversity in FinTech

Rise FinTech Insights: Diversity in FinTech

This report focuses on diversity within FinTech. People often equate technology with innovation and regard the ‘Tech’ in FinTech as the main transforming drive in the sector, but equally important is how thinking differently about problems can lead to radically innovative solutions. And the best way of thinking differently is by encouraging diversity – putting different people, ideas and experiences together. This report provides insights and resources on promoting gender, cultural and ethnic diversity across a range of activities, from hiring employees and funding entrepreneurs to boosting financial literacy in communities. It also features the views of a range of founders from our global Rise FinTech ecosystem whose impact is felt across financial services.

Covid-19 and Insurance Industry

Insurers’ responses to COVID-19 have the potential to either increase or reduce public confidence in the industry. As women play key roles in their households and communities, insurers can gain higher brand perception and willingness to purchase insurance by taking a gender-sensitive approach.