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Winning the Women's Market How-To 2.0

Winning the Women’s Market | Module 2

Winning the Women’s Market | Module 2


How Banks Can Profit from the Multi-Trillion Dollar
Female Economy

This groundbreaking report from the GBA, with support from McKinsey & Company, reveals four key myths banks believe about women and how they use banking services.

How Banks Can Profit from the Multi-Trillion Dollar Female Economy


The Paradox of Gender-Neutral Banking

Assuming that gender differences that exist in the world outside the bank disappear when people walk through the door has resulted in high levels of dissatisfaction from one of the world’s most powerful economic forces: women.

The Paradox of Gender-Neutral Banking


Research Matrix: BLC Bank Sample Criteria

BLC Bank conducted qualitative market research through two rounds of focus groups in collaboration with the IFC and a local market research company. The research matrix and questionnaire were designed by the IFC, based on BLC Bank recommendations. The market research company was responsible for identifying and recruiting respondents using the pre-defined matrix, ensuring their presence at the meeting and transcribing the findings.

BLC Bank Logo


Westpac: Living Longer, Retiring Alone

Women tend to outlive their spouses, and they will need money as they exit the workforce. It is important for women to start thinking about that. This video shows how Westpac can help in saving for retirement.

Westpac - Living Longer Retiring Alone


BLC Bank: Women in Managerial Positions

Companies with women in managerial positions do better. This video shows some common stereotypes BLC Bank has found about women in managerial positions in Lebanon.

BLC - Women in Management


BLC Bank: The Easy Life of the Housewife

This video shows common misconceptions BLC Bank has uncovered about how people view housewives in Lebanon.

BLC Bank Video The Easy Life of the Housewife


Bridging the Entrepreneurship Gender Gap: The Power of Networks

The specific focus of this report by BCG is on the importance of social capital for the success of female entrepreneurs. The framework in this report provides a starting point for designing effective professional networks.

Bridging the Entrepreneurship Gender Gap: The Power of Networks



WeConnect: Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Resources

WEConnect International has developed a set of resources to help companies assess their global supplier diversity and inclusion programs and identify potential areas for improvement.

Supplier Diversity & Inclusion


Banco BHD León: Women Who Change the World Awards

This video highlights the first winner of the Women Who Change the World Awards, which recognizes the contributions and accomplishments of women working to make a difference in the Dominican Republic.

Celida Luis Women Who Change the World Awards


BLC Bank: Brilliant Lebanese Awards

In order to enhance brand awareness and establish BLC Bank as the bank of reference for SMEs and women (two strategic axes for the Bank), and support SMEs, BLC Bank developed the Brilliant Lebanese Awards.

BLC Bank Video Brilliant Lebanese Awards 2016


Westpac: 100 Women of Influence

Westpac’s annual Women of Influence Awards recognizes and celebrates a diverse group of women. This video shows some highlights from the celebratory event in 2015.

Westpac Video 100 Women of Influence Awards 2015


Harnessing the Power of the Purse

CTI finds that tapping the power of the purse depends on correcting industry misperceptions about female investors and an industry tendency to perceive women as a monolithic market. Geography, generation, source of wealth, and asset level are all factors affecting how women perceive wealth and arrive at decisions about its allocation.

CTI Harnessing the Power of the Purse



TEB: Women Banking

TEB’s Women Banking program developed an advertising campaign to showcase why the bank supports women-owned and women-led SMEs in Turkey.


TEB Women Banking Video


Banco BHD León: Mujer Abran Paso

When launching its Women’s Market program, BHD León launched an advertising campaign aimed at positioning it as the Bank of Choice for Women in the Dominican Republic. The campaign was based on the premise of empowering women as individuals and transmitting a message that the bank believes in them.

BHD León Comercial Mujer - Abran Paso



Calculating the Return on Investment of market research is difficult, although your bank’s corporate affairs or community relations teams will have methods. Examples of this value can be found in the below two reports.


Westpac: Women’s Insurance Survey Value Report



Westpac: Women’s Market Clips and Estimated Added Value

Westpac: Retail/Branches

Winning the Women's Market How-To 2.0

Winning the Women’s Market | Module 3

Winning the Women’s Market | Module 3


When Women Thrive: Financial Services Perspective

Mercer’s “When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive” global report is the most comprehensive look at women in the workplace, covering responses from 583 companies across 42 countries, including data on 3.2 million employees. In this market report, Mercer shares specific data and insights that organizations in the financial services industry can use to map their own journeys to greater gender diversity.

When Women Thrive 2016 Mercer



Chief Executive Women Case Study: Westpac

This CEW Case Study on Westpac looks at the bank’s history of promoting women in the workplace and how it became the first of Australia’s largest companies to appoint a woman as CEO.

Westpac CEW Case Study



Westpac – Connecting Women

This video was shown in bank branches to describe Westpac’s Women’s Market Division, including its rationale, activities and results. It stresses the value-driven nature of relationship banking with women (trust, loyalty) and includes customer testimonials.

Westpac Connecting Women Video


We Initiative – BLC Bank

BLC Bank’s We Initiative targets women in their plurality, seeking to find solutions for their challenges and concerns and aiming to unleash their potential. This video introduces the program.

BLC Bank Video We Initiative



HBL: Gender Intelligence Training

The Gender Intelligence training HBL implemented was intended to turn branches into a safe space for women and help bank employees serve them better. The training counterbalances stereotypes through data, statistics and best practices from other markets in order for all employees to understand and recognize the business case for targeting women, the CVP and individual and organizational gender biases.

HBL Gender Intelligence Training

Winning the Women's Market How-To 2.0

Winning the Women’s Market | Module 4

Winning the Women’s Market | Module 4


GBA Case Study: Westpac

This case study, the first in the GBA’s series, focuses on founding bank Westpac, which has long focused on the female economy as a critical pathway to long-term success.

Westpac Case Study



Westpac’s Net Promoter Scorecard

The net promoter score (NPS) used by Westpac measures customer advocacy, defined as the willingness of customers to recommend the bank to family, friends and colleagues.

Winning the Women's Market How-To 2.0

Winning the Women’s Market | Module 1

Winning the Women’s Market | Module 1


Strategic Planning Worksheet

When considering developing a Women’s Market program, you must examine how the program fits within the bank’s strategic priorities. A bank will already have defined its strategic goals, internal and external priorities, and long-term plans. You can use this worksheet to help scope your strategic planning.


SWOT Worksheet

Use this worksheet to think through what it will take to launch and implement a Women’s Market program.


Porter’s Five Forces Worksheet

This model asks you to understand five forces (competitors, suppliers, new entrants, substitute products and buyers) that shape any industry or market. It asks you to assess their strengths, whether low, medium or high. If all forces are high, then the market environment is highly competitive, and there is probably not significant value to be captured by entering it.


The Power of Women’s Market Data: A How-to Guide

Bankers fully understand the value of data in generating business insights and making informed decisions, yet, many banks struggle to disaggregate their data by sex. Without this data, banks are missing out on key insights to assess customer behavior or measure business performance more effectively. This In Brief was compiled based on the experiences of 11 GBA members and partners as a practical guide to support banks that are looking to start disaggregating their data by sex, or those looking to improve their current practices.

The Power of Women's Market Data


Establishing a Baseline: Example of Data Points

These data points were considered critical from Alliance members with active Women’s Market programs.


Market Share Worksheet

This worksheet will help you calculate your current and potential market share.


Women, Business and the Law

This World Bank report measures and compares gender parity in 173 economies, using data about legal restrictions on women’s entrepreneurship and employment in order to inform policy discussions and promote research on the linkages between the law and women’s economic opportunities.

Women, Business and the Law Report 2016


Opportunity Quantified & IRR

This worksheet will help you understand the potential value of the Women’s Market in your operational areas and if you have a business case.