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Covid-19 and Insurance Industry

Insurers’ responses to COVID-19 have the potential to either increase or reduce public confidence in the industry. As women play key roles in their households and communities, insurers can gain higher brand perception and willingness to purchase insurance by taking a gender-sensitive approach.

U.S. Financial Health Pulse: 2019 Trends Report

U.S. Financial Health Pulse: 2019 Trends Report

This report from the Financial Health Network presents findings from the second annual U.S. Financial Health Pulse, which is designed to explore how the financial health of people in America is changing over time. It explores financial health for the nation as a whole, across financial health indicators, among demographic groups, and at the level of individuals.

The Women’s Market for Insurance: An Emerging Business Opportunity

The Women’s Market for Insurance: An Emerging Business Opportunity

As the appetite of women worldwide for risk mitigation offerings continues to grow, a strong business case has emerged for insurance companies and banks to deliver tailored insurance solutions to the Women’s Market. Several GBA members are already integrating insurance solutions as part of their holistic value propositions for women. This InBrief explores the experiences of 12 GBA members and partners who participated in a working group to size the insurance business opportunity and share best practices.

Winning Over Women: A commercial imperative for financial services

Winning Over Women: A commercial imperative for financial services

Kantar’s research in the UK has revealed striking differences in the approach men and women take to managing their money. This report shows how financial service providers in the country are meeting – or failing to meet – the needs of their female customers.