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How to Guide Becoming the Employer of Choice for Women

The How-to Guide for Becoming the Employer of Choice for Women lays out the process for improving gender diversity and inclusion (D&I) in financial services firms. The information provided is based on the findings from Alliance member working groups, which explored ways to increase women’s representation in the leadership of financial services firms. It incorporates Mercer’s leading-edge research and the real-world experiences of Alliance members. Throughout the guide, emphasis is on developing a holistic women-centered strategy, blending enhanced internal gender D&I with a strong female customer value proposition so that financial institutions are better equipped to tap into the female economy, the world’s fastest growing market.

Section I, Plan and Prepare, provides guidance, tools, and resources to prepare the institution for making the changes needed to become the employer of choice for women. The step-by-step groundwork undertaken in this section is essential to the overall success of the gender D&I effort.

Section II, Take Action, provides guidance, tools, and resources to implement key actions that will move forward the gender D&I strategy, putting the institution on a strong path to becoming an employer of choice for women. The actions are ordered as standalone chapters; however, they are all interconnected and work together to create an environment in which gender D&I thrives.

Section III, Monitor, Measure and Refine, provides guidance, tools, and resources to monitor implementation progress, measure results, evaluate impact, and make adjustments as needed.

Employee Value Proposition Pyramid Brainstorming and Mapping

Identifying elements of a value proposition that will have the most impact for women employees involves a bit of brainstorming. It also involves mapping potential policy additions with the resources needed and potential results they would yield. Some policy changes might be simple to do, creating some quick wins, while others might require more effort, but offer the promise of broader and deeper impact. Here is a template to help with this process.

Gender Inclusive Meetings Checklist

Meetings are where decisions are discussed. Meetings are also filled with behaviors that can make participants feel included or excluded. HR can develop resources that will encourage managers and other leaders to use inclusive behaviors. This checklist is an example of a manager resource and offers guidance on how to ensure that meetings are inclusive of diverse participants and that input is received from all.